About me

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Hello! I’m Laura. I am a UX writer and content designer living in Los Angeles, California with my husband. In my spare time, I am a gardener and novice home cook. I also enjoy hiking and exploring natural wonders on camping trips.

I’ve been developing the skill of storytelling throughout my life. It started in childhood writings and studying film. Now, it’s utilized in human-centered design.┬áThe product is a story, and the customer’s journey with the product is one as well.

There’s something compelling and magical about hearing stories. My blood warms and my spirit brightens when I see a great film, read history, or learn more about a friend’s life and past. Most of us feel something special from well-told stories! With their ups and downs, we mend, grow, and connect better with others.

Let’s work together!

I can help you give your prospects, leads, or customers a better experience in your app or website. Please check out my portfolio and LinkedIn profile to learn about my writing strategy and background.