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Customer Journey Map for Marketing Strategy

The customer journey problem

The company, Portable Church Industries, needed to better understand their customers in their marketing strategy. The customer journey map was a cornerstone to shaping marketing content and sales methods. It could help cultivate product enhancements and increase profit.

Evaluated persona’s path to action

My goal was to understand and improve the experiences of a variety of prospective and existing customer types, as they visited the website or contacted sales.

Collaborated with 4 stakeholders

CEO, Sales Director, Salesperson, and Product Consultant

Scope of project

I analyzed the existing business, marketing, and sales strategies of the company. Then, I identified gaps, such as missing KPI’s, specific goals, and frameworks for attraction and conversion to begin testing and measuring. The goal was to develop an initial customer journey map that could be re-framed for different personas and communications projects.

Questions I asked when developing the map

  • Who is the hero?
  • What does the hero want? Is there a deep, emotional need that differs from an external need?
  • Where does the hero want to see him or herself?
  • What might happen to cause the hero to experience success?
  • What problems lie in the way of the hero?
  • Who is the guide? How can the business become that guide for the hero?

Finalized core customer journey map