My portfolio

I’m a UX Writer and Content Designer.

I am highly skilled at user-centered product and web writing. I get excited to design in this human-centric age of technology and business! I enjoy impacting people’s deepest, most important needs and aim to design content for an enjoyable, clear, and steady experience.

Alongside incorporating user research into the content design of a product, I cooperate with team members and stakeholders to solve experience design problems, communicate homogeneously across the customer experience, and explore new product strategies.

These days, I work at Ipsos as the sole UX Writer on a team that builds and optimizes the online research platforms used by qualitative researchers. My job entails designing the product experience with user feedback and critical business (largely client-focused) needs. My primary focus is on user interface content and user documentation. I’ve built the first version of the content design system that includes the style guide, text key management, and the localization strategy – an ongoing effort to improve. In addition, I regularly share product design and management responsibilities by contributing to wireframes, developing product requirements, collaborating with developers, and conducting user research.

The platforms I design for support several audiences: researchers, clients, and participants. This gives me a solid perspective on designing for different user types, which is a necessity for any SaaS or multi-product experience designer. Plus, the product itself acts as a large database and content management system, adding to its complexity and necessity for solutions in areas of security, performance, and structure.

In my next role, I’d like to lead on a design/product team that talks with users first and foremost. I also want the nature of the business to be charged by critical thinking and design integrity.

My work

UX Writing for Handshake App

Onboarding Email Rewrite for Boon

Web Redesign Content Strategy

Customer Journey Map

Print Form Redesign

I’m available for full-time job opportunities. You can learn more about me or email me to get in touch.

One last fun thing I want to mention! Check out my recent collaboration at UX Beginner. I researched, organized, strategized findings with Oz Chen (the owner and UX educator), then wrote the recommendations of the top picks for UX bootcamps.