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My portfolio

Let’s make a good and honest impact together

Your business is looking to design useful and effective digital products or services. You want to guide all users with simplified, conversational, and on-brand language across their full customer experience. And, you believe in getting user feedback and checking your data to be a little extra-informed. If you agree, then I cannot wait to get to know your team and hear about your content design and UX writing goals!

Invite sent app screen

UX Writing for Handshake App

Email for Boon application confirmation

Onboarding Email Rewrite for Boon

Customer journey character and problem example

Customer Journey Map

More about my recent experience

These days, I work at a market research company as the sole content designer – UX and technical writer – on a team that builds and optimizes enterprise, online research software tools. The platform supports several audiences: researchers, clients, and participants. It’s strengthened my perspective on designing for different user types. I often write about complex topics with hints, guides, and knowledge base articles. Lastly, the database and content management system requires continual attention and knowledge in areas of security and performance.

My primary focus is on user interface content and user documentation. I built the first version of the content design system that includes the style guide, text key management, and our localization strategy. In addition, I contribute to designing wireframes, developing product requirements, collaborating with developers, and conducting user research.

I’m open to permanent full-time job opportunities in UX content design and writing. You can learn more about me or email me to start a conversation (ask about more writing samples!).