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Onboarding Email Rewrite for Boon

Boon, a startup with an employee referral platform, wanted to give attention to the onboarding experience. The first versions of several onboarding emails were plain and undefined. They still needed to create some emails for specific scenarios.

To improve these experiences, I drafted emails that show the value of the Boon community and an immediate, personal benefit to referrals. The example below meets the need of a non-user who is sent a referral for a job by a Boon user, and applies. The want to know their application went through. In future, some testing may be useful to Boon so they can ensure that this email is effective for its secondary purpose of getting new users without making those who apply many times over – without joining – grow weary of the repetition.

The writing process

First, I crafted a mini voice and tone guide to give the app/emails a personality based on existing Boon branding. These guidelines are flexible for updating as Boon grows and has more capital to conduct user research and testing.

Then, I met with the product designer and founder of the company in an informal stakeholder interview. I wanted to understand the product, business, and client needs. After this meeting, I determined they need to inform users what Boon is while creating a welcoming personality and environment.

Referral email confirming application receipt


Your application for {job title} is submitted and ready to track with Boon

boon referral application confirmation email

{company} has received your application and will be reviewing it soon. 

We’d like to invite you to track your application progress by joining Boon. 

CTA: Join and track

Boon is a social network that helps you easily refer jobs to your professional network and friends. You’ll earn rewards each time someone is hired from your referrals. You can also browse and apply to jobs from all the employers that use Boon. The best reward? You’ll strengthen your network connections by helping others get their next job. [Learn more. {LINK TO LANDING PAGE}]

CTA: Join and track

Good luck with the job application! 

– The Boon Team