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Website UX Content Strategy

As the communications manager of Pacific Crossroads Church, I met with stakeholders, revised website copy, and recommended navigational updates during our website redesign. The director of communications led the relationship with the website design team. Altogether, we rebuilt the content into its new structure.

screenshot of Children's Ministry web page
Example of updated web copy and organization, for the Children’s ministry page

Information hierarchy & content strategy for website redesign

I stepped into a visitors’ mindset, with the specific need to guide with brief, clear, and informative details. I revised copy and some interactions on pages, menus, and buttons.

Feedback sessions

I reviewed content with members of the congregation, staff, and stakeholders to check for ease of use, clarity, and helpfulness.

The result

With my team, we set up the website redesign for a great launch success! And a plan for ongoing copy updates to optimize the user experience as ministry (aka business) goals changed. 

screenshot of spreadsheet
Content planning for one of the web pages, Children’s Ministry